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Spoke, originally created by Saikat Chakraborti and Sheena Pakanati, developers working with the Bernie Sanders Campaign, is now being maintained by inherited the project in Spring of 2017 and has open sourced it in hopes of making an accessible option for peer to peer texting.

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What's Spoke?

Need to turnout your members to a critical event? Looking for more volunteers to fill canvassing shifts? Spoke puts the ability to text your campaign supporters or organization’s members at the fingertips of trained volunteers via a web browser-based online tool accessible from any smartphone, tablet or computer. Adding your member data into your custom organization in Spoke will allow your team to reach them quickly with a text message alert containing the information you need them to see--and how they can take immediate action on your request.

Peer to peer texting is becoming a standard tool for organizations to reach their members. And as organizations continually fight to get noticed in the cluttered email inboxes of their members, a text message provides your group a direct link to their phone.


  1. Multiple Custom Responses for Campaigns

  2. Texter Custom Canned Responses

  3. Dynamic Assignment for Texters

  4. Custom styling for campaigns

  5. Multiple administrators for organizations

  6. Heroku and AWS deployment integration

  7. Data syncing to outside databases

  8. Action Kit Integration

  9. Support for outgoing multimedia messages (mms)

  10. Script editing for live campaigns

  11. User editing capabilities for users and admins

  12. Redis Caching Layer

  13. Customizable texting hours settings per campaign

  14. Admin message review board for all organizational messages in order to filter by campaign, texter and to reassign texts to other texters

  15. Direct SQL querying to external or internal databases for campaign contact list loading

Administrator view for creating a campaign.

Administrator view for creating a campaign.

Texter view for sending a first message to a contact.

Texter view for sending a first message to a contact.


Spoke Administrator Demo 


Spoke Texter Demo


Victories and Highlights

MoveOn has engaged over two thousand texters to text millions - with over 50 million texts sent in 2018 and over 40 million specifically to support the 2018 midterm elections. MoveOn text team volunteers have and continue to engage members across the country on the ACA/Healthcare, the Immigration Reform and the Dream Act, Net Neutrality, the Government Shut Down and the Mueller Investigation.

GetUp used Spoke on it's important civil rights victory around marriage equality in December 2017. With an active volunteer base, GetUp used Spoke to engage voters around the issue. For more information, visit


Estimated Cost

Spoke includes deployment instructions and support for Heroku and AWS Lambda deployment. Like other peer-to-peer tools, it uses Twilio as a messaging service API and Auth0 for user authentication. Operating Spoke can range in cost from $2,800/year for 10,000 conversations/month, to $24,000/year for 100,000 conversations/month.

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Heroku Deployment


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